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U.S. Cellular SpeedTalk Offers Press-to-Talk Functionality
With Unprecedented Quality and Network Coverage

MILWAUKEE, Wis., July 7, 2005 – Business moves in “real time,” and the smaller the business, the more “real” the time. For many small businesses, the cellular walkie-talkie function called “press-to-talk” has provided the instantaneous group communication a mobile work force needs to react quickly to customer inquiries. But until now, the greatest drawback of press-to-talk has been the limitations of network coverage. U.S. Cellular today introduced SpeedTalk, its first press-to-talk product operating over the company’s highly regarded network.

SpeedTalk improves on the press-to-talk technology long popular among contractors and delivery fleets but not yet widely adopted for use by other businesses. The higher call quality, smaller handsets and unlimited minutes provided by SpeedTalk now mean that walkie-talkie functionality will go mainstream.

“Press-to-talk is a technology that’s been developing for years, but its greatest drawback has been the expense and reliability — it just didn’t work very well,” said Lou Brazzoni, director of sales for U.S. Cellular in Wisconsin. “SpeedTalk operates on U.S. Cellular’s all-digital network, so it is extremely reliable, even in most buildings and homes.”

SpeedTalk uses a speakerphone but may be switched to the cell phone’s earpiece or a hands-free attachment for greater privacy. By pushing a button on the outside of the phone, a list of individuals or group contacts appears on the screen. The caller then presses and holds the SpeedTalk button and, at the sound of a beep, may begin speaking to up to 20 people, anywhere in U.S. Cellular’s 25-state network. New groups or contacts may be added either through the phone or via the Internet at www.uscellular.com/speedtalk. Any changes will show up instantly on the phones.

U.S. Cellular SpeedTalk is offered on a Kyocera model KX440 and an LG model UX4750 flip-phone. “Our small business customers like to have a choice in phones, and these phones are lightweight – about four ounces — with many of the same features and functions as models that customers are already familiar with,” Brazzoni said.

SpeedTalk is now available with plans starting at $49.95 for 1,000 anytime cellular minutes and unlimited SpeedTalk minutes. Current customers can switch to unlimited SpeedTalk plans without signing a new contract, and those on certain business plans can add unlimited SpeedTalk minutes to their existing plans for $10 per line.

“Small business customers have been clamoring for a press-to-talk product that works everywhere they go,” Brazzoni added. “We hear it from landscapers, plumbers, electricians, roofers, real estate agents, installers and more. It’s the perfect time for a new technology, combined with an excellent network and the customer service to back it up.”

For more information on U.S. Cellular’s phones, plans and accessories visit the Small Business Solutions page at www.uscellular.com.

Chicago-based U.S. Cellular Corporation (AMEX: USM) is a super-regional wireless company, serving more than 5.1 million customers in 148 markets in 25 states. With 2004 service revenues of $2.64 billion, U.S. Cellular maintains one of the industry’s highest levels of customer satisfaction by emphasizing customer support, quality network coverage and a comprehensive range of wireless products and services. The company is an active corporate citizen through charitable contributions, award-winning community relations programs and associate volunteer activities. For more information, visit www.uscellular.com.

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Ed. Note: SpeedTalk is a service mark, and U.S. Cellular is a registered trademark, of U.S. Cellular Corporation.