Survey Research Associates: Launches Wisconsin Salary Survey Providing Comprehensive Salary Information on Private Sector Jobs in Wisconsin

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Fran Nahabedian, 608-332-1315

Madison, WI – September 13, 2005 – Survey Research Associates, formerly Carlson Dettmann Consulting, announced today an enhanced version of its online Wisconsin Salary Survey. The new service provides unlimited online access to up-to-date salary information for more than 230 job titles in Wisconsin.

Until now Wisconsin companies have not had access to detailed salary information that helps them attract and retain key employees. Existing information doesn’t provide real-time salary detail for Wisconsin organizations that can be customized to the region, metro area, and city level.

“We’re excited to offer a unique product to Wisconsin business owners that allows them to be competitive when seeking or retaining key personnel,” said Charles Carlson, president and CEO of Survey Research Associates. “Our product focuses on job titles provided by Wisconsin companies, and is intended to offer the greatest data illumination and comparison options for our customers.”

“The beauty of this product is that the user can create custom reports, and the data is constantly updated because it’s online and available 24/7,” Carlson continued. “Our subscribers can update their data at any time and save custom reports to be run on an ongoing basis.”

Carlson said that growing survey participation is key to richness of the data and overall success, so participation in the Wisconsin Salary Survey is free. Through the end of 2005, participants will receive a 25 percent discount on the subscription fee to access all of the data and customize reports to their specific needs. The custom reporting features include data sorts based on organization type, ownership type, industry, number of full time employees (FTE) and revenue. There are also standard reports that provide base pay by job family.

More information about the Wisconsin Salary Survey can be found online at or by calling 608.664.3826

About Survey Research Associates

Survey Research Associates LLC is a privately held Oracle® applications partner based in Madison, Wisconsin that has built its reputation on developing Internet based surveys with a searchable relational database. SRA has considerable experience in conducting web-based surveys, bulk emailing, data analysis, and database and e-commerce integration. Carlson Dettmann Consulting is now an operating division of Survey Research Associates LLC.