Silicon Logic: Engineering Offers ASIC Product Development Services

Chip and Systems Design Services Company Responds to Demand from Executives For Electronics Product Development Expertise

Eau Claire, WI, July 18th, 2005– Silicon Logic Engineering (SLE), the premier high-end Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and system design services company, today announced that is has added Product Development Consulting Services to its portfolio of semiconductor and system design services. Capitalizing on SLE’s electronics product development experience, the Product Development Consulting Services provide high-level ASIC and electronic system development guidance to companies that are developing very complex ASICs and systems, government organizations that require analysis or oversight of electronics product design projects, and investment companies and institutions that require expert knowledge of the electronics market and associated product development processes.

Targeted toward executives, engineering managers and design team leaders at chip and electronics systems companies, SLE’s Product Development Consulting Services provide expertise and resources that help decision makers to better manage the risks associated with complex ASIC and systems designs. Unlike other product development services that are often conducted by independent consultants without ongoing product and project experience, SLE’s Product Development Consulting Services will be provided by a team of highly experienced staff engineers who are actively involved in advanced ASIC and systems design projects for leading electronics companies worldwide. SLE’s Product Development Consulting Service engineers are current in today’s latest chip and systems technologies, design tools and flows.

“SLE has chosen to expand its core business model of ASIC and system design services to include Product Development Consulting services because of the demand we are receiving from our customers,” said SLE President and Founder Jeff West, “With increased competition and the rising costs associated in the design of advanced systems and ASICs, particularly those being designed with 90nm processes, leading electronics developers are finding tremendous value in SLE’s experience with bringing these products to market in a timely fashion.”

QUOTE: Vesbridge Partners – Venture Capital Firm
“A startup company that needs complex ASICs as part of their product is much more difficult to fund today than it was just five years ago,” said Jeff Hinck, Senior Managing Director at Vesbrige Partners. “The costs and risks associated with having a leading-edge ASIC as part of a company’s product plan require additional time be spent by the investor to make sure the technology, timeframe and engineering capability required have all been thought through at a higher level of detail than was previously necessary.”

QUOTE: Reservoir Labs – Computer Systems Firm
“Refining system architecture early in the development process can have a significant impact on performance, cost of ownership and overall systems capability,” said Richard Lethin, President of Reservoir Labs. “With systems advancing in complexity and the proliferation of high-speed SERDES communication within the systems, the need for expertise with breadth and depth in systems development can save money not only during system development but in cost of ownership for many years to come.”

QUOTE: JEH Government Consulting Services
“Leading-edge technology for government defense organizations has always been a top priority,” said John Hofkes, President of JEH Government Consulting Services. “The ability to have an independent team of engineering experts to work with these organizations and their primary contractors can help save tax dollars and lead to systems that are more reliable and cost effective.”

About SLE
SLE specializes in right-first-time, leading edge, digital Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) and system design services. SLE’s proven and repeatable Think Physical™ design process, tools, and semiconductor intellectual property reduce time-to-market and are provided by one of the most experienced VLSI design teams in the industry. Founded in 1996 by former Cray Research engineers, SLE is headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. For more information, visit us at

About Vesbridge Partners
Vesbridge Partners thrives on helping early-stage; leading-edge networking and IT infrastructure companies bring their software and service platforms to enterprise and carrier market. Vesbridge Partners, headquartered in Boston, MA and Minneapolis, MN has a long history as part of St. Paul Venture Capital (SPVC), a well established early-stage venture capital firm with a strong track record over the past 15 years of helping finance some of the industry’s most successful technology companies. Additional information can be found at the firm’s website at

About Reservoir Labs
Reservoir Labs can solve compiler, architecture, and OS problems that arise when you seek to maximize performance and capability from systems that range from supercomputers to embedded devices. Our designs deploy optimization technology across abstraction layers to increase scope, dynamically adapt to varying requirements and resources, and create aggressive schedules to maximize throughput. We have been building such systems as a company since 1990.

About JEH Government Consulting Services
JEH Government Consulting Services works as a subcontractor to its customers to help match its customer’s capabilities with federal government project requirements.

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