Sajan: adds Term Director to GCMS

JULY 21, 2005 — Sajan, a leader in global communication management technology and translation services, announces the latest in terminology management with this week’s release of GCMS 2005 Edition. GCMS’ Term Director is directly integrated within this highly modular enterprise translation solution, available via a web browser.

GCMS’s Term Director is an interactive reference tool that enables enterprises to effectively manage their terminology and style guidelines, including corporate and global business rules. It empowers users to keep up with corporate and cultural changes since it is customizable as well as accessible—across the web, in real time, from anywhere in the world. Term Director’s automated routing and approval and role-based security eliminates version control issues, so users will only access the most current, approved content.

Sajan, Inc. offers global communication management technologies in addition to language translation services. Sajan’s technology is developed with the enterprise user in mind. GCMS 2005 Edition Suite is provided as a service supplement to Sajan’s language translation clients. Sajan’s industry-focused solutions and business intelligence help clients communicate with the rest of the world.