RedPrairie: Introduces Scalable, Pre-Configured Solutions for RFID Compliance Labeling

Leading Supplier of Supply Chain Execution Systems Introduces Low-Risk, Pre-Configured Systems for Achieving RFID Compliance

Chicago, Ill.. – RedPrairie Corporation, a global leader in technology solutions that enable business process transformation, announced today at D/C Expo the introduction of scalable, pre-configured compliance solutions to support clients in addressing various retailer RFID mandates. The solutions provide total ‘packaged’ capabilities from simple slap ‘n’ ship to highly automated encode on the fly functionality using RedPrairie’s RFID IgniterTM solution; these pre-configured solutions offer a low-risk, easily to implement alternatives for RFID compliance.

RedPrairie offers three pre-configured solutions developed in conjunction with leading Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers that have met mandates from Wal*Mart and other retailers. All solutions are based on RedPrairie’s RFID Igniter software, combined with ‘off-the-shelf’ hardware configurations and service options. The Level 1 solution provides simple post-pick slap ‘n’ ship capabilities with label printers. RedPrairie’s Level 2 ‘extended’ solution supports semi-automated in-line label encode / print / apply. The Level 3 advanced system offers inlay encode / print application to be used with automated warehousing and production environments.

Within the Level 2 or 3 solutions, a pre-configured conveyor, applicator hardware and controls are provided with options to integrate to existing production automation controls. All solutions include alternatives for case/ pallet verification using mobile terminals or fixed portals and support EPC, ISO and DoD protocols.

“There is a lot of confusion in the market around RFID compliance and how to select a solution that will deliver return on investment. Based on our extensive experience with multiple retailers, RedPrairie has developed simple, straightforward, low-risk options for meeting the mandates,” notes Royanna Chappell, Vice President RFID Product Marketing at RedPrairie. “For example, since the same RFID Igniter package addresses multiple mandates, we can scale from low volume slap ‘n’ ship to higher automated 120-case per minute production, protecting our clients’ initial investment in software and hardware.”

RedPrairie Company Leader John Jazwiec comments, “RedPrairie’s industry-leading RFID program reinforces our commitment to expanding our RFID capabilities in our core markets, while leveraging our leadership position in systems for consumer goods manufacturers.”

RedPrairie’s comprehensive, integrated solutions suite includes: warehouse management; transportation management; workforce performance management; event management; slotting; visibility; performance measurement; and RFID.

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