REAL-Reform, Inc.: Consumer Advocacy Group Launches Public Campaign

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Real Estate Agency Law – Reform, Inc. [REAL-Reform, Inc.]
Jay Reifert, Director of Operations
Madison, Wisconsin 53711

Phone: 608-273-8841
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REAL-Reform, the private entity that kept the Wisconsin Realtors
Association, WRA, from bringing an anti-consumer, anti-small real
estate broker concept known as Designated Agency to Wisconsin,
has just incorporated as a 501(c)(4) non profit with a social

REAL-Reform, which stands for Real Estate Agency Law Reform, has
chartered to protect home buyers and sellers from anti-consumer
real estate laws or legislation and is working to ensure free,
open and honest competition in the real estate world. You can
view REAL-Reform’s Articles of Incorporation by visiting: .

REAL-Reform is also pleased to announce the retainer of Gary R.
Goyke as its Legislative Representative. In addition to being a
former State Senator for Wisconsin, Mr. Goyke is known for his
willingness to fight for what’s right. The fight to ensure that
home buyers and sellers are protected from harm by the brokers
and agents who are supposed to serve them, is certainly his kind
of fight.

REAL-Reform’s first order of business will be to stop the WRA,
in the current legislative session, from passing its
soon-to-be-proposed, confusing, anti-consumer, anti-small broker
legislation and also to restore the common law of agency as the
basis for agency laws. (The WRA proposal is currently in drafting
at the Legislative Reference Bureau.) REAL-Reform encourages
people to learn more about its efforts by visiting the website,
at: and is hopeful that like-minded
citizens will help REAL-Reform advance its pro-consumer agenda
by contributing to the cause.

Contact Person: Jay Reifert, Director of Operations 608-273-8841