Planet Propaganda: Re-brands and Re-launches Replogle Website to Reflect Quality Craftsmanship, Heritage of American-Made Globes

(Madison, Wis.) – Helping Replogle Globes, Inc., market its high-quality, American-made globes to high-end specialty markets, Planet Propaganda branded and designed a new website for the 75-year-old, Illinois-based company,

“Replogle’s the experts of their field. They are one of the oldest, the largest, the few American-made globe manufacturers left. Their team of cartographers literally have chronicled the borders that re-shape and re-define our understanding of the world. Over the decades, their globes have been a centerpiece of the classroom, of the office, of the home, and even of the White House,” says Greg Wold, Planet Propaganda’s brand manager. “No matter what age you are, if there’s a globe in the room, it draws you to it. It reminds you of travels you’ve taken, political climates for places you’ve heard about on the news, cultures of other countries you’ve read about, climates that you can hardly imagine.”

“Globes generate curiosity and wonderment. They are substantial. They have a sense of importance, of lasting value, of enduring relevance. We wanted to help Replogle communicate the intrinsic significance of their product, coupled with the incredible quality that sets them apart from their competitors,” Wold explains.

“Planet Propaganda took us to the next level in presenting an updated image that better represents our quality and position to our customers, as well as gains enthusiasm among the end consumers. They were wonderful to work with and did top-notch work to create something we are very proud of as our online home,” says Maureen Kehoe, direct market manager for Replogle, “Beyond the website, they have provided us with a strong, creative foundation to support all other marketing efforts.”

Currently, Replogle’s website serves as the company’s main informational tool and as a direct link to retailers. Whether speaking with travel or furniture stores, gift dealers or magazine editors, Kehoe relies on the site to communicate the right message. Kehoe elaborates, “Planet is such a good match: they not only delivered the right look, but tailored the copy for a perfect fit.” The site’s copy includes such phrases as “Discover a place. Remember a place you’ve never been,” “Globes have gravity,” and “It’s good to wonder.”

Along with the words and easy navigation, nearly 100 of Replogle’s globes are displayed on the site. The higher quality globes appear first so visitors have an immediate understanding of the company’s craftsmanship. Kehoe says the approach is working. “The response has been very positive. It gives us nice credibility. Everyone who sees it is impressed.”

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