Planet Propaganda: Helps The Relaxation Company Get Aggressive In the Wellness Market with Six, New Package Designs

Helping The Relaxation Company and Ellipsis Arts market its musical and spoken recordings to retailers tapping the growing wellness market, Planet Propaganda branded and designed six, new thematic packages including a CD recording, instructional cards and related accessories. The first packages to be released this summer will be a series of three Brain Fitness Kits helping achieve creative inspiration, relaxation and restful sleep.

“We’re getting very good feedback on the new, contemporary look and feel of these kits,” says Jeff Charno, president of Agog Creative, the parent organization for The Relaxation Company and Ellipsis Arts. He adds, “Planet’s most important contribution so far has been our Brain Fitness name and positioning. This is a concept that resonates immediately with consumers. They intuitively know and immediately understand that these kits will help you take care of your brain, just as you would your body.”

For more than 20 years, The Relaxation Company and Ellipsis Arts have created recordings to assist people seeking calm, balanced, creative lives, as well as to share music of other cultures from around the world. Its compositions are developed to enhance meditating, exercising, healing, sleeping and thinking.

“Their recordings are well known in the New Age category, but retail trends have shifted away from a spiritually inspired sensibility toward a scientifically inspired one,” explains Kevin Wade, creative director/principal at Planet Propaganda. “We wanted them to look sophisticated, not home-spun. We sought a clean, straightforward style, but not cold or inaccessible. They needed to remain approachable if they were to break into new markets and attract wider distribution.”

“We helped re-brand, re-imagine and re-package their recordings as part of an all-inclusive, instructive kit that would appeal to mainstream audiences,” continues Greg Wold, Planet’s brand manager. “Beyond the package design, we contributed to shaping each kit and its contents from researching appropriate exercises for card decks, to locating aromatherapy scents and to sourcing only ethically manufactured materials.”

The CDs, related cards and accessories are housed within a box that makes the whole package feel substantial, and allows it to be sold at a higher price point. While most of the company’s CDs range from $10 to $16, its kits will be closer to $30. Wold emphasizes, “This sort of wellness-in-a-box concept is ideal for big box retailers, book stores and music stores.” Such significant and specialty retailers as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Border’s, One Spirit Book Club, Whole Foods Market and Wild Oats Markets already have expressed interest in the Brain Fitness titles.

Each kit in the Brain Fitness series features musical recordings developed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a neuroacoustic sound therapist. As an example, the Brain Fitness Kit focusing on creative inspiration is titled “Awakened Mind System” and includes two CDs, a card deck with illustrated yoga and breathing exercises, and an aromatherapy body balm – all of which were selected for their ability to enhance metal focus and awaken creativity. Dr. Thompson’s other titles in the series are the “Alpha Relaxation System” and the “Delta Sleep System.”

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