Orion Energy Services: Voith Paper Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

Lewis Welsh, Voith Paper Services, 920-969-2556; or Steve Heins, Orion Energy Systems, 920-892-5800

Neenah Facility Saving Almost 8.5 million Kilowatt Hours

Neenah, WI. September 21, 2005. Voith Paper Services, a supplier of roll covering and roll servicing to the Pulp and Paper industry, has received the Environmental Stewardship Award for the installation of an integrated system of more than 300 energy efficient fixtures. The total energy saving is expected to be 48.7 Kilowatts, which is the equivalent of providing power for 48 homes. Voith Paper Services will save almost 425,000 kWh per year or 8.5 million kWh saved over the sustainable life of the Orion fixtures.

The Voith Paper Services facility is more than 100,000 square feet. By installing Orion’s patented fixture using 220 watts of electricity instead of the standard metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures using 465 watts, Voith expects a three year payback on the new energy efficient lighting system.

The project was sold and managed by John Scribante, National VP of Sales of Orion Energy Systems, using energy efficient lighting system supplied by Orion Energy Systems of Plymouth, Wisconsin. Overall, Voith Paper Services spent several months evaluating various lighting systems before choosing Orion.

“The sustainable savings of electrical consumption by Voith Paper Services should serve as a blueprint for all of Wisconsin’s paper industry,” stated Neal Verfuerth, President of Orion Energy Systems. “By presenting Voith with the Environmental Stewardship Award, Orion wanted to highlight the fact that this energy efficient lighting project was good for everyone: It was good for Voith Paper Services’ bottom line, good for improved productivity, good for the environment, good for Neenah’s economic development and finally good for the Voith’s employees because of the better quality lighting.”

The environmental impact of Voith Paper Service’s energy-efficient lighting project will decrease air pollution and environmental damage over the lifetime of Orion’s fixture, the Illuminator, by 8,273 tons of carbon dioxide, 2,256 tons of carbon, 36 tons of sulfur dioxide and 17.4 tons of nitrous oxides. This is the equivalent of saving 702,130 gallons of gas, removing 1,202 cars from the road or saving 16,717 barrels of oil.

“Voith Paper Services is an energy conscious company and had predetermined energy-saving goals. Its vision created a cooperative working relationship and resulted in achievement of our mutual goals – saving energy and improved productivity,” said John Scribante. “At Orion Energy Services, we encourage all of our business customers to learn more about and participate in the energy-efficiency programs offered in Wisconsin. Most have companies have found incentives and return-on-investments on energy efficiency projects that make good business sense.”

WE Energies provided an energy efficiency rebate for the Voith Paper Services project.

“It isn’t often when a company can enhance the workplace environment for its employees, improve its worker’s productivity, contribute significant cost savings to make it more competitive and reduce its environmental footprint at the same time,” stated Lewis Welsh, Maintenance and Environmental Project Manager. “While at first skeptical, the guys on the floor are very happy with the new lighting. It is all a part of being a world-class operation, where good companies are willing to invest capital in energy savings, improved productivity and environmental strategies that allow it to compete globally. This Environmental Stewardship Award is satisfying, because it means we are helping keep the state of Wisconsin clean while maintaining our manufacturing process.”

About Voith Paper Services

The Voith plant located in Neenah WI is a world class facility that supplies the paper industry with resources and technology to maintain machine rolls with cover applications, mechanical roll service, and engineering support services. Voith Paper is a division of the Voith Group and one of the leading partners to the paper industry. More than one third of the world’s paper production is produced on Voith Paper machines. For more information visit www.voith.com or call 920-722-7713.

About Orion Energy Services

Orion Energy Services has been innovating in the energy and lighting business since 1996. Neal Verfuerth, President of Orion Energy Systems, received two of Wisconsin’s most prestigious awards, Ernst & Young’s 2004 Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the Year and WMC’s Manufacturer of the Year 2004 Grand Award Recently, Orion has received the 2004 Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air Award given by the Wisconsin DNR. In addition, the company won the 2002 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Grand Award and the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award. Orion’s innovative Illuminator, an energy-efficient lighting platform for industrial applications, has been awarded a series of 12 patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Additionally, it has applied for numerous other patents relating to metering and control technologies for lighting. Orion is a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Orion is an energy services company (ESCO), which designs and markets energy efficient solutions for the manufacturing, warehousing and commercial markets, including schools and gymnasiums,. Orion provides capacity displacement solutions for supply side management, transmission management, and demand side management for the electricity industry. For more information, please contact Stephen Heins, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Orion Energy Systems, [email protected]; 920-892-9340, ext. 226 or visit the web site at www.oriones.com.