Onyx Waste Services: Raising Landfill Fees Would Hurt Wisconsin Businesses and Residents


Mark Vinall
(715) 830-0284

Mark Vinall, general manager of Onyx Seven Mile Creek Landfill in Eau Claire, today
released the following statement in response to State Rep. Spencer Black’s news conference this
afternoon near the landfill.

“Representative Black’s proposal won’t reduce the amount of out-of-state waste being
disposed of in Wisconsin; it will only force Wisconsin businesses and consumers to pay more money
to use our state’s landfills. Let’s be very clear here – this isn’t just an increased fee for out-of-state
businesses, it’s a tax hike for everyone, Wisconsin companies and residents included, who uses
landfills in Wisconsin. And that’s bad policy any way you look at it.
“The reality is that municipalities and businesses don’t base their decisions about where to
haul waste solely on recycling taxes. Other factors, particularly fuel costs, play a significant role.

Look back three years to the last time the Legislature thought raising recycling taxes on using
Wisconsin landfills was a good idea. Politicians raised the tax ten-fold in 2002, but there was no
drop in out-of-state waste. The only change was that everyone, including Wisconsin businesses and
residents, had to pay more money to properly dispose of their solid waste.

“In the nine years that we have owned Onyx Seven Mile Creek Landfill, we have been able
to increase services and decrease costs to our customers. Our landfill has an excellent relationship
with the Eau Claire community and surrounding municipalities, and we are an important contributor
to the regional and state economy. To be sure, a well-thought-out solid waste plan is essential for
Wisconsin’s continued economic success. But Representative Black’s proposal is not the answer.
Further raising recycling taxes would punish Wisconsin consumers, increase costs and send a false
signal that Wisconsin is closed to economic growth.”