Natural Ovens Bakery: New Management, Same Vision at Natural Ovens Bakery

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For Immediate Release

— Paul and Barbara Stitt Hand off Day-to-Day Management Tasks to Senior Team —

MANITOWOC, Wis. (January 31, 2005) – Twenty-eight years ago, Paul Stitt founded Natural Ovens Bakery because he couldn’t find a good, nutritious bread. Millions of all-natural, preservative-free loaves of bread later, Paul and his wife, Barbara, have decided to hand off day-to-day management tasks to a senior management team.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, Natural Ovens Bakery makes all natural, high-fiber breads, rolls, muffins, granola bars, bagels, cookies, cereals and pancake and supplemental mixes. The Manitowoc-based company has 315 employees and distribution in eight states.

An announcement of the change in management was delivered to employees along with the following letter from Paul and Barbara, who have been planning for this transition:

To our dedicated employees,

It is a time of transition.

After considerable thought and consultation with our Advisory Board, we have concluded that the beginning of 2005 is an appropriate time to hand off the day-to-day management of Natural Ovens Bakery to our new team of leaders.

You all know how strongly we feel about Natural Ovens and how committed we are to the mission of this organization. We are not resigning that passion. We will continue to offer our perspective, promote our products, speak about healthy food choices, and seek opportunities to share that message as widely as possible. As we shift from management activities, we will have more time to direct to the Pain Relief Program, the Healthy
School Lunch effort, and all the work we do through the Nutritional Resource
Foundation. Our office will be on the lower floor of our home, just five minutes from the bakery.

Here’s what will change at Natural Ovens. Our senior management team, which consists of Chelle Blaszczyk, Matt Taylor, Glen Hietpas, George Douglas, John Bialozynski,
Marie Feiter, Johnna Hochkammer and Karen Jones, will take on additional responsibilities. In the immediate future, we will also hire a General Manager/CEO who will work with the senior management team.

Natural Ovens’ future is bright. And the new management structure will set a direction for this company that will assure success for many, many years. They have our full support and confidence. And, with this new structure in place, we will surmount challenges to come and make the most of the opportunities ahead.

While management of our business operations is changing, our philosophy will not change. We are committed to producing the finest whole grain breads and to improving lives through healthier eating.

It is not our intention to sell the company. We are unequivocally opposed to the compromise that would require. We will not waiver in our commitment to what we stand for or what we have built here.

Everything we have achieved at Natural Ovens has come because of the people who embrace our values and our beliefs. Our customers, our advisors, and, most of all, our dedicated colleagues – every employee of Natural Ovens – have our heartfelt appreciation.

Paul and Barbara Stitt