Milwaukee Mayor Barrett: Statement on Common Council Action on Pabst City

Press Secretary Carlene Orig
(414) 286-8531

“Today’s inaction by the Common Council is disappointing and further delays this important project. When I look at the sea of vacant buildings at the former Pabst Brewery Complex, I envision a bright future that preserves the proud heritage of the brewery and injects new life into downtown and near-downtown neighborhoods. We must move forward.

Taxpayers deserve an up or down vote on a property that currently only pays $250,000 in property taxes but will contribute $2.7 million in property tax revenues after the $315 million renovation is completed.

The empty and crumbling buildings at the Pabst Complex have deteriorated to the point that preservation is becoming cost-prohibitive and that situation will only get worse. We have seen the results of cities doing nothing and waiting for no-risk solutions. They stagnate, losing development and jobs to their suburban neighbors.

The detractors of this project must allow for a vote on progress and investment in our future. I am confident that a majority of the Council shares my vision for breathing new life into the Pabst Brewery Complex, and I believe that we will get the project a needed boost when the matter is brought to the floor in three weeks.”