MEC: Great Lakes Biofuels locates at Madison Enterprise Center

For Immediate Release

The Madison Enterprise Center (MEC), a business incubator that currently houses 11 businesses, is pleased to announce its newest business tenant – Great Lakes Biofuels.

Great Lakes Biofuels appears to be the right company at the right time. This business start-up is a value-added reseller of biodiesel fuel made largely from vegetable oils. Their mission statement states that they “produce, promote & sell clean, carbon-neutral, fossil fuel replacements”. In this era of expensive, polluting, and diminishing fossil fuels biodiesel offers the following benefits:

Reduced exhaust emissions
New markets for Wisconsin grown seed-oil
The recycling of waste streams into high-value fuels
Renewability and reduced foreign oil dependence
Safety; reduced flammability
Improved lubricity for engine components

The company is lead by renewable fuel veterans Jamie Derr (formerly of the Wisconsin Soybean Association), H. Tony Hartmann (formerly of Virent Energy Systems, Inc.) and Rich Path (who holds an Edgewood College appointment as Information Technology educator). For additional information on Great Lakes Biofuels please contact Tony Hartmann at 608-333-2463.

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For more information about this news release contact:

Sarah Hole at the Madison Enterprise Center 608-256-6565