Main Street Coalition for Economic Growth: Business Groups Applaud the State Assembly for Passing Bill (AB49) That Preempts Local Minimum Wage Ordinances

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The Main Street Coalition for Economic Growth, Inc., a consortium of over 20 state and local business groups, is gratified that the Assembly has passed the local minimum wage preemption bill. This bill clarifies that cities do not have the legal authority to mandate minimum wage requirements by local ordinance. The bill passed the State Assembly today on a vote of 58 to 37.

“This bill will put an end to the chaos of having conflicting minimum wage islands across the state,” said Ed Lump, president of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association. “We appreciate the efforts of the Assembly Leadership, in particular Labor Committee Chairman Steve Nass, to support this bill.”

A uniform minimum wage is vital for the growth and development of every city, town and village. “This bill addresses the concerns of small business owners about local governments creating a confusing patchwork of minimum wage laws throughout Wisconsin,” said Bill G. Smith, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business – Wisconsin Chapter.

Coalition members include the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, Wisconsin Merchants Federation, National Federation of Independent Business – Wisconsin, Wisconsin Grocers Association, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and others.