Karma, Inc.: Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

Contact: Jerry Scheiber, Karma, Inc., 920- 262-8688; Steve Heins, Orion Energy Systems, 920-892-5800

Energy Efficient Lighting Project Saves 1.39 Million Kilowatt Hours

Watertown, WI. Karma, Inc., an award-winning designer and manufacturer of food and beverage equipment, announced that it had received Orion Energy System’s Environmental Stewardship Award.

After extensive testing, Karma chose the Illuminator lighting fixtures produced by Orion Energy Systems of Plymouth, WI. “We are very proud to honor Karma for its environmental stewardship with this award,” stated Neal Verfuerth, Orion’s President. “especially as Karma has a reputation for being forward-looking and innovative.”

In March 2005, Orion received the prestigious Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Grand Award winner by the Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce for the second time in three years. Karma has also won the Manufacturer of the Year Award from the WMC.

“The first thing that caught my attention was the return-on-investment offered by Orion Lighting, but then I realized that the intangibles, better overall lighting, worker safety, reduced amp usage, and improved quality inspections, were equally valuable,” said Jerry Scheiber, Executive Vice President of Karma. “The fact that Orion’s lighting has such a positive environmental impact by cutting our electricity consumption was also an important part of our decision.”

The environmental impact of the Karma energy efficient lighting project will decrease air pollution in the Watertown area by 1,387 tons of carbon dioxide, 378 tons of carbon, 6 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 2.9 tons of nitrogen oxide. That is the equivalent of saving 117,749 gallons of gas or removing 202 cars from the road over the susteainable life of the fixtures. The reduced electricity consumption, also known as displaced capacity, means that the unused electricity will be available to power 27 new homes and in the Watertown area.

Karma participated in the Energy Incentives program from WE Energies.

“Our employees reaction was immediate and very positive. They were very thankful for the better light, because it made for a more pleaseant work environment,” continued Jerry Scheiber. “The receipt of the Environmental Stewardship Award is frosting on the cake.”