Isthmus Engineering and Manufacturing: Isthmus Engineering Celebrates 25 Years in Business in a New Facility

Donna Hobbs

Isthmus Engineering and Manufacturing

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Madison, WI, September 2005 – In its 25th year as a world-class designer and builder of custom, automated manufacturing equipment, Isthmus Engineering and Manufacturing is starting a bold new chapter on the foundations of a new facility. To celebrate its Anniversary, Isthmus will be hosting an open house on October 12th to unveil their new state-of-the-art 68,000 square foot facility.

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Isthmus has grown to become a well-known and highly-regarded custom machine supplier. They design and build automated equipment used to make everything from potato chips and toothbrushes to automobiles.

Established in 1980, Isthmus Engineering is a prime example of a worker cooperative. The member-owners of the cooperative include engineers, electricians, machinists, mechanics, and administrative personnel. They credit much of their success to their unique corporate structure.