Imago Scientific Instruments: LEAP 3000 Metrology System Selected By C.R.I.E.P.I.


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Madison, WI –August 19, 2005–Imago® Scientific Instruments in conjunction with the Noah Corporation, its representatives in Japan, announced the shipment and acceptance of Imago’s industry-leading LEAP® 3000 Metrology System by the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (C.R.I.E.P.I.) located in Tokyo, Japan.  C.R.I.E.P.I. conducts fundamental, pioneering research on the electric industry and offers the results of its research to the public for the benefit of all.


Imago’s LEAP is a powerful instrument for exploring the structure and function of materials at the atomic scale – combining a proprietary atom probe microscope with 3-dimensional analytical/visualization software. This unique nano-metrology tool has proven valuable in providing solutions to challenges facing researchers in the advanced materials field such as the study of point defects related to the embrittlement process, irradiation induced precipitation, matrix damage and grain boundary segregation.


“We are impressed with LEAP’s capabilities – enabling us for the first time, to see at the atomic level in 3-dimensions and to obtain quantitative data of large volume compared to the conventional atom probe for further analysis and study.  The ability to clearly characterize material properties is essential to the continued advancement of our research programs”, said Senior Research scientist, Dr. Naoki Soneda of CRIEPI.


 “We are pleased to be selected by CRIEPI enabling deeper understanding of the properties of steel applicable to a number of applications including improving the safety of nuclear power reactor pressure vessels”, said Noah CEO and President Tabira Hiroshi.  Tabira added, “Imago’s LEAP 3000 Metrology System is the only instrument of its kind capable of providing the comprehensive, 3-dimensional micro-structural data required by the world-class CRIEPI researchers to meet the challenges of their industry.”


“Advanced metallurgical analysis is an important application for our nano-scale metrology tool,” commented Manny Lakios, Sr. V.P. of Field Operations, for Imago Scientific Instruments. Manny added, “Our continued investment in Research and Development and strong product roadmap allow us to maintain our leadership position while meeting the demanding requirements such as those of C.R.I.E.P.I.



The Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) was founded in 1951 to serve as the comprehensive central research institution for the electric power industry. Since that time, CRIEPI has exercised the talents of its specialists in responding precisely to the business challenges that electric utilities face. At the same time, we undertake the general development of technologies in the quest for fundamental solutions to the many problems involved in global energy and resources, the environment, and sustainable economic development, as seen from a long-term perspective. In this way CRIEPI makes useful contributions both domestically and internationally through the advancement of the electric power industry.


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