Imago: High Performance Nano-Scale Metrology System Selected by the Toshiba Corporation

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Madison, WI – (9-13-05) – Imago® Scientific Instruments in conjunction with its representatives based in Japan, The Noah Corporation, announced today that they have delivered a LEAP 3000 Metrology System to the Toshiba Corporation solidifying Imago’s continued global leadership position in nano-scale metrology.

The LEAP provides critical, 3-dimensional information at the nano-scale allowing positive identification of elements and isotopes within a material system. The true power of the LEAP lies in its ability to tie compositional information to spatial position, this allows manufactures to shorten time-to-market, enhance product yields and maximize capital equipment utilization. This capability has proven valuable in solving a variety of issues facing device manufacturers and researchers in the micro-electronics/data storage field.

“We are proud and honored to have been selected by the Toshiba Corporation to provide Imago’s revolutionary metrology tool which will enable a deeper understanding of the properties of materials associated with thin film head manufacturing and lead to some revolutionary future solutions and applications”, said Noah CEO and President Tabira Hiroshi. Tabira added, “Imago’s LEAP 3000 Metrology System is the only instrument of its kind capable of providing the comprehensive, 3-dimensional micro-structural data required by the world-class Toshiba researchers to meet the challenges of their industry.”

Manny Lakios, Senior Vice President of Field Operations for Imago, commented, “We are pleased that Imago’s LEAP has proven to be the tool of choice for atomic-scale metrology applications.” Manny added, “We look forward to working with our partners at the Noah Corporation to place more of our tools in environments where atomic-scale resolution and characterization are important to the advancement of the science and to the competitive position of our valued customers such as the Toshiba Corporation”.

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