Imago: Announces Latest Innovation in Atomic-Scale Microscopy

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Madison, WI – August 2, 2005 – Imago® Scientific Instruments introduced the LEAP® 3000X Microscope at Microscopy & Microanalysis 2005 in Honolulu, Hawaii. This breakthrough product expands the capabilities of atom probe microscopy to low electrical conductivity samples by adding laser pulse mode to the voltage pulse mode of Imago’s LEAP 3000 Microscope.

“The 3000X offers engineers and scientists the best of both techniques,” says Dr. Timothy Stultz, president and CEO of Imago. “The technological capabilities and performance of the voltage pulse mode of the LEAP 3000 have already garnered unqualified references in the US and abroad. It has the largest field of view, fastest data collection rate and the broadest range of specimen materials and geometries of any similar instrument on the market. The addition of laser pulse mode increases the capabilities of the LEAP 3000 in product development, failure analysis, reliability testing and near-line metrology. It also enhances the quality of the data it provides.”

Voltage pulse mode applications of Imago’s LEAP 3000 Microscope include precipitate composition and distribution, phase/grain boundary analysis, nuclear materials, thin metal films, and interface engineering (diffusion and roughness). The laser pulse mode has particular value for low conductivity samples, such as semiconductor materials. As described in an invited technical paper that Imago presented at Microscopy & Microanalysis 2005, the laser pulse mode of the 3000X can be used for ceramics, GMR/TMR devices, thick dielectric films, high-K dielectrics, high resistivity silicon, ultra-shallow junction dopant profiling and Silicon Germanium.

The laser pulse mode of the 3000X is a separate module. A LEAP 3000 can be retrofitted in the field with a laser pulse module and re-qualified in less than two weeks. A LEAP 3000X system may be ordered from the factory configured with voltage pulse mode or both voltage and laser pulse mode.

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