Great Lakes Media Technology: SACD Improves CD Listening Experience


Jon Mueller

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(Mequon, WI – January 6, 2005) Great Lakes Media Technology has added manufacturing equipment at their facility capable of producing Hybrid Super Audio compact disc, also known as Hybrid SACD. SACD, designed by Sony and Philips, is a technology that offers the warmth of the analogue recording process, in a fully surround sound digital presentation. The effect is literally like being at the center of the musicians while they are performing. With a frequency response of over 100kHz and a dynamic range over 120dB across the audible frequency range, SACD offers a 64 times higher resolution then standard CD. Besides new releases, many record labels are re-mastering their back catalogs and manufacturing the discs as SACD, to give listeners the experience of hearing the music in a whole new and improved format.

With Hybrid SACD, the manufacturing process is also different than the standard CD, as there are two layers to the disc, similar to how a DVD is produced. While the discs are playable in any standard CD or DVD audio player, actual SACD players provide the complete surround sound capability if the disc was mastered and manufactured for that capability.

As the quality of this format is exponentially greater than standard CD audio, this emerging technology will become more standardized over time. Great Lakes Media Technology is proud to offer this cutting edge service to customers in order to enhance and maximize the quality of their projects.

Great Lakes Media Technology is a total media solutions provider, offering DVD, CD, VHS, authoring, graphic design, Web development, custom packaging, and fulfillment, all on site at their facility in Mequon, WI. Great Lakes Media Technology is a Philips licensed manufacturer of optical media, and is a two-year Inc. 500 award winning company.