Governor Doyle: Urges Wisconsin Residents to Help Protect Wisconsin’s No Call List

Ethnie Groves, Office of the Governor, 608-261-2156

Senator Jon Erpenbach, 608-266-6670

Senator Erpenbach Will Introduce Legislation to Strengthen No Call List

Governor Jim Doyle today urged Wisconsin residents to help
protect Wisconsin’s No Call List by sending comments to the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) through a state website before the February
2 deadline. Nearly 1.5 million Wisconsin phone numbers are on the state’s
No Call List, representing 80 percent of the people who live in Wisconsin.
An association of banks has filed a petition with the FCC that would weaken
the state law.

“Telemarketing is the number one consumer complaint in
Wisconsin. If these banks are successful, telemarketers will once again be
interrupting our dinners and evenings with family,” Governor Doyle said.
“Our No Call law is the strongest in the nation – and we want it to stay
that way. I urge Wisconsin residents to let the federal government know
that our law must remain as it is.”

As a result of a petition by the Consumer Banking
Association, the Federal Communication Commission is holding hearings to
consider invalidating important parts of Wisconsin’s No Call law and is
seeking public comment that must be submitted by February 2.

“Wisconsin’s No Call List is popular with state residents
because it has been highly effective at limiting the number of telemarketing
calls people receive. People don’t want to be telemarketed and if the FCC
invalidates parts of Wisconsin’s law, the phones are going to start ringing
again,” Senator Erpenbach said.

Specifically, the FCC will consider a change that would
allow companies to contact people on the list that they have conducted
business with for up to 18 months after the cancellation of services. The
current Wisconsin law, which allows only one call to former customers, was
based on the strong voice of citizens who said they do not want to be
telemarketed by any business. The federal law allows telemarketing by any
business or any of its affiliates.

Senator Erpenbach said he will introduce legislation this
session to restore fines for violating the No Call law to the levels that
were originally approved by the Legislature – $100 to $500 per person per
violation, and $1,000 to $10,000 per violation for telephone solicitors who
violate the law. The legislation will also extend Wisconsin’s No Call law
provisions to cell phones.

“If you think that Wisconsin’s No Call List has improved the
quality of your life, please contact the FCC,” Governor Doyle said.
“Wisconsin citizens need to make it clear to the federal government that we
do not want to be exposed to telemarketing from a business or its affiliates
simply because we have had contact with the business. We need to make
certain that the FCC puts consumers, not big telemarketers, first.”

To file comments with the FCC, go to:

For more information, call the toll free hotline of the
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection: