Governor Doyle: Statement of Governor Doyle on Introduction of Energy Efficiency and Renewables Act

Anne Lupardus, Office of the Governor, 608-261-2162

Energy Legislation Based on Recommendations of Governor’s Task Force

is a Step Toward Energy Independence for Wisconsin

Governor Jim Doyle applauded the introduction of the Energy Efficiency and Renewables Act, released today by Senator Robert Cowles and Representative Phil Montgomery. The legislation is based on the recommendations of Governor Doyle’s Task Force on Energy Efficiency and Renewables.

Governor Doyle created the Task Force on Energy Efficiency and Renewables two years ago with representatives from all corners of the energy community including customer groups, utilities, environmentalists, businesses and labor. Their recommendations included requiring utilities to produce 10 percent of all their electricity from renewable energy sources, providing more coordination of energy efficiency programs between the Department of Administration and the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, requiring more energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources by state government, and updating building codes to include higher energy efficiency standards.

Governor Doyle made the following statement:

“The recent spikes in natural gas prices in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have really shown just how dependent we are in this state on outside energy sources. The legislation introduced today will help Wisconsin reduce its dependence on imported fossil fuels and have the added benefit of spurring our economy and preserving our environment.

“We have the resources right here in Wisconsin to move toward energy independence, whether it’s with wind power or energy resources grown on Wisconsin farms. And keeping our energy dollars in the local economy instead of purchasing fuels from outside the state and investing in new renewable energy technologies will create more jobs right here in Wisconsin.

“I want to thank my task force on Energy Efficiency and Renewables for developing a common-sense consensus package of recommendations. I also want to thank the chairs of the Senate and Assembly energy committees, Senator Robert Cowles and Representative Phil Montgomery, and their members, for scheduling a hearing on November 22, 2005. I look forward to working with the legislature to pass this important legislation.”