Governor Doyle: Again Calls on Republicans to

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Assembly and Senate Democrats to Hold Hearings Across the State This Week

As Democrats in the Assembly and Senate prepared for
hearings across Wisconsin on the minimum wage, Governor Jim Doyle today made
the following statement:

“In my State of the State Address, I called on the
Legislature to take action this month on raising the minimum wage from $5.15
an hour to $6.50 an hour. The clock is ticking. Every month they delay,
minimum wage workers lose about $100.

“I am pleased that Democrats in the Assembly and
Senate have responded to my call, and are holding public hearings this week
all over Wisconsin. Unfortunately, Republicans in the Legislature have the
power to block the wage increase for two years, and seem intent on doing so.

“This statewide increase has broad business support
from leaders like Craig Culver, and recently picked up the endorsement of
Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. Now, because the Legislature won’t
act, cities like Madison, Milwaukee, Kaukauna, Stevens Point, and La Crosse
may each set their own minimum wage. It is time for the Republican
leadership to end the stall tactics. They should take action this month,
and allow minimum wage workers all over Wisconsin to get the raise they