Glowac, Harris, Madison, Inc.: Local Ads Quiet Whooping Cough, Research Shows

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MADISON, Wis. (November 9, 2005) – Parents will be more likely to have their
children immunized or protected from pertussis, also known as whooping
cough, according to research conducted by Gene Kroupa & Associates.

Based upon research gained through telephone methodology, 74% of the Dane
County population had seen or heard messages about the importance of
whooping cough immunization. Of those, 94% feel that parents will be more
likely to have their children immunized. The random survey interviewed 400
Dane county residents in mid-October.

A local marketing campaign produced for the Dane County Immunization
Coalition (DCIC) increased immunization awareness through print and radio
advertisements. Glowac+Harris+Madison, a local advertising agency, included
Spanish language ads in the campaign that ran from late September thru
mid-October to correspond with the release of a new vaccine.

The FDA recently licensed two new Tdap vaccines for adolescents in the US.
Boostrix was approved in May is for children 10-18 years of age and Adacel
is licensed for persons 11-64 years of age. These new vaccines are extremely
important because, for the first time, protection against whooping cough can
be extended beyond early adolescence.

Last year Wisconsin had the highest number of reported cases of whooping
cough in the country. Teens and adults account for the majority of whooping
cough cases largely due to the immunity wearing off, according to Dr. Thomas
Saari, an active member of the DCIC. The cough, which in severe cases has
been known to cause broken ribs and in rare cases death, is caused by a
highly contagious bacterium. Pertussis most often causes severe
complications and death in infants too young to be fully immunized.

The Dane County Immunization Coalition is a partnership of businesses,
public and private health care providers, service organizations, educational
institutions, and pharmaceutical companies, Including the following
co-sponsors of this campaign: Dane County Division of Public Health, WPS,
Dean Health Care Systems, United Health Care, Group Health Cooperative and
Glowac+Harris+Madison. The mission of DCIC is to facilitate the improvement
of childhood and adult immunization levels through collaborative efforts
throughout Dane County.


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