Gentel: Signs Supply and Marketing License Agreement with Kreatech

August 16, 2005

Madison, WI, USA and Amsterdam, The Netherlands – GenTel BioSurfaces, Inc., and KREATECH Biotechnology BV announce signing of an ULS™ Supply and Marketing License Agreement regarding the sales of ULS reagents for protein labeling and use on single capture antibody chips. GenTel will market and sell the ULS labeling reagents under their brand name PANDEIA™ in diverse kit formats. The kits are validated for use on GenTel’s PATH™ protein microarray technology platform and will be launched during the upcoming Chips to Hits conference in Boston on September 12, 2005.

For one- or two-color fluorescent profiling of the relative abundance of proteins using single capture antibody arrays, each protein sample is labeled with either ULS-biotin or ULS-fluorescein, and probed against the antibody microarray. The bound labeled proteins are detected using fluorescent Dy™ dyes from Dyomics GmbH using either a streptavidin-Dy™647 conjugate or an anti-fluorescein antibody-Dy™547 conjugate. The processed microarray is scanned on a standard two-color fluorescent scanner. KREATECH, holder of a license from Dyomics GmbH (Jena, Germany), has sub-licensed the rights to market and sell the Dyomics’ dye conjugates to GenTel.

GenTel’s PATH protein microarray surface technology consists of an ultra-thin nitrocellulose film used specifically for multiplex immunoassays. GenTel’s nitrocellulose coatings offer low auto-fluorescence and high signal-to noise. ULS labels multiple amino acids, and is ready to use as is and requires no additional materials. The use of the ULS labeling system further minimizes background noise using indirect fluorescence detection.

“Our license of ULS and Dy dyes from KREATECH is another concrete example of GenTel’s dedication to deliver new, cutting edge products to the antibody microarray market. Our immediate goal is to provide our customers with the best multiplex immunoassay products and accessories”, said Robert Negm, Vice President, Business Development at GenTel.

“This agreement confirms the key benefits of our ULS technology for profiling of complex protein mixtures, like serum, on high content antibody arrays. The performance of ULS on GenTel’s PATH array platform technology subscribes the wide platform compatibility of this unique protein labeling technology”, said Roel Schaapveld, Director Business Development of KREATECH. “The combination of ULS with GenTel’s PATH Slides also opens the door to the significant ‘homebrew’ antibody array market.”

About GenTel BioSurfaces, Inc.

GenTel BioSurfaces, Inc. is a leader in protein microarray technologies and is known in the life sciences community for delivering innovative multiplex assays. GenTel’s mission is to be the most successful, trusted and respected provider of proteomic chip technology, products and services worldwide. For more information, visit us at

About KREATECH Biotechnology B.V.
KREATECH Biotechnology B.V., in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, focuses on the creation, development, production and marketing of innovative molecular diagnostic and life sciences products. The company positions itself as a strategic partner for life sciences, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies. KREATECH’s proprietary Universal Linkage System offers a reliable, robust and easy to use non-enzymatic labeling technology that can be applied to a broad range of biomolecules and labeling agents. ULS is already successfully incorporated in the manufacturing of hapten- and fluorophore-labeled DNA probes for in situ hybridization, and in genomic DNA and direct RNA labeling kits for array-based CGH and expression analysis applications, respectively, marketed by KREATECH’s commercial partners. More information on KREATECH can be accessed at