GenTel BioSurfaces, Inc.: Launches Path HTS For Automated Multiplexed Immunoassays

MADISON, WIS. – GenTel BioSurfaces, Inc. announces the launch of PATH™ HTS, a new platform for high-throughput quantitative immunoassays. PATH HTS was introduced last week at the microarray industry’s annual conference, Chips To Hits in Boston, MA.

“Our customers have been very pleased with the performance of PATH protein microarray slides. PATH HTS was designed to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s demand for an automated, high throughput platform to process more samples, faster,” said Robert Negm, Vice President of Business Development.

PATH HTS uses GenTel’s proprietary ultra-thin nitrocellulose technology, the basis of the successful PATH product line, introduced in 2004.

“PATH technology offers the highest signal-to-noise in the industry for multiplex immunoassays”, said Bryce Nelson, GenTel’s Vice President of Scientific Operations. “It also offers a unique and simple ‘Print. Peel. Press.’ system to allow users to array proteins on a planar PATH HTS slide and then couple it to a bottomless 96-well microplate,” added Nelson.

The PATH HTS system includes accessories to enable use with existing microarray instrumentation, including microarray spotters and scanners.

“We saw significant enthusiasm for PATH HTS at Chips to Hits, with many customers looking for a protein microarray platform that is fully compatible with automated instrumentation. We expect PATH HTS to have a significant impact on how the pharmaceutical industry performs immunoassays,” said Alex Vodenlich, President and CEO of GenTel.

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