Gentel Biosurfaces: Brian Haab Joins Gentel Biosurfaces’ Scientific Advisory Board

Alex D. Vodenlich, President and CEO, 608-217-5587,
[email protected]

MADISON, WIS. – GenTel BioSurfaces, Inc., a privately held life sciences
company, announced today that Brian B. Haab, Ph.D., has joined its
Scientific Advisory Board.

According to Dr. Bryce Nelson, Vice President of Scientific Operations, “Dr.
Haab has pioneered antibody microarray technologies and we welcome his
vision to our technology development efforts.” Dr. Haab’s laboratory is
developing and applying new technologies to meet the need for improved
molecular diagnosis of cancer. Using miniaturized multiplex immunoassays and
related protein microarray technologies; his group identifies molecular
signatures using antibody arrays in the bodily fluids of cancer patients. A
major goal of the Haab laboratory is to test and apply these proteomic
profiles of serum biomarkers to the early detection of cancer.

“Brian is a thought leader in biomarker profiling and we are pleased to
bring him on board. His expertise and scientific contributions will advance
our company’s mission and goal to be the most trusted and respected provider
of antibody microarray products and services”, says Dr. Robert Negm, Vice
President, Business Development.

Dr. Haab obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California
at Berkeley in 1998. He then served as a postdoctoral fellow in the
laboratory of Patrick Brown in the Department of Biochemistry at Stanford
University. Dr. Haab joined Van Andel Research Institute, Grand Rapids, MI,
as a Special Program Investigator in May 2000.

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