Full Compass: partners with Habitat for Humanity

Gregory A. DeTogne
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MIDDLETON, WI, August 2, 2005–Months after the devastating tsunami that swept portions of Southeast Asia, relief and recovery efforts are still ongoing, with more than $50 million in aid coming from the US alone. The catastrophe, which directly affected the homes of an estimated 25,000 families, and indirectly changed the course of domestic life for 10,000 others, was felt hardest in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

Joining millions of others around the globe in partnership to bring aid to the storm victims, Full Compass Systems, Ltd. has funded the building of one house for a needy family through Habitat for Humanity’s Tsunami Response Program, which is undertaking new construction projects within the region as well as strengthening existing homes to resist future natural disasters.

Headed by Dawn Farris, the Full Compass Charitable Contributions Committee raised the money for the house totally within the confines of Full Compass headquarters at 8001 Terrace Avenue in Middleton. “Normally, our charitable outreach doesn’t extend beyond the US, but this international disaster was just too big to ignore,” Farris said. “Since we’ve always been a supporter of Habitat for Humanity, it was a natural move for us to help their tsunami relief efforts. Now that we’ve built one home, we’re well on our way to gathering the funds to build another. There are no plans for stopping there, either. This is something we all feel very strongly about, and everyone wants to do as much as they can.”

Dedicated to the principle that shelter from rain, wind, and sun is a basic human need, Habitat for Humanity provides the labor and materials to give deserving families around the globe a decent place to call home. Donations can be made online at www.habitat.org.

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