Film Wisconsin: Film Industry Planning Meeting to be held in Milwaukee, May 23, 6-8 PM


Scott Robbe, [email protected], 608-294-5645

George Tzougros, WI Arts Board, [email protected], 608 267 2006

Anne Katz, Arts Wisconsin, [email protected], 608 255 8316

May 18 , 2005

A “town hall” meeting to discuss and plan for the creation of a film industry-led organization for Wisconsin will be held on Monday, May 23, 2005, 6 pm – 8 pm, at the William F. Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design, 208 North Water Street, Milwaukee, WI. Everyone and anyone interested in creating future opportunities for Wisconsin’s film industry are encouraged to attend, to share ideas and help make this effort a reality. The meeting is being organized in collaboration with the Wisconsin Arts Board, the state agency dedicated to the arts, and Arts Wisconsin, the state’s arts service and advocacy organization, which will act as fiscal receiver for the beginning of the project.

With the planned June 30, 2005 closing of the state Wisconsin Film Office due to budget cuts, plans are underway for a new, independent organization to serve the industry and the state as a whole. Industry-wide participation is critical to the success of this effort. The working name of the organization is Film Wisconsin.

Several industry leaders will be on hand to talk about the need for a strong industry-driven film information and promotion organization in Wisconsin, and how that organization can become a reality.

Additional topics and issues to be addressed at the meeting include:

Industry members’ participation and actions needed to make Film Wisconsin happen

Industry needs and opportunities

Organization business plan and structure

Short-term and long-term financial, community and industry support for the organization

For more information, contact Scott Robbe, [email protected], 608-294-5645, George Tzougros, Wisconsin Arts Board, [email protected], 608 267 2006, or Anne Katz, Arts Wisconsin, [email protected], 608 255 8316.