Encrypta Gifts: Fascinating customer stories demonstrate unique gift value of Encrypta cryptex


MEQUON, Wis., September 12, 2005 — Encrypta Gifts has
received a steady stream of touching customer stories since
introducing its cryptex earlier this year. These stories
demonstrate the product’s unique ability to bring out a
gift-giver’s creativity and thoughtfulness and create a
response of fascination from the recipient.

Please go to http://www.encryptagifts.com -> “Member Remarks”
and “Gift Ideas” to review the written stories submitted by

Customer remarks about the Encrypta cryptex have touted it as
“the gift of the year”, “totally cool”, “the perfect gift”, and
“truly magical”, — and described the process of giving one as
“priceless”, “a blast”, and “a day that’ll be remembered for a
long time”.

However, it is the memorable, heartwarming, and charming behind-
the-scenes stories from customers that reveal the cryptex’s
unique gift value — whether given for a birthday, graduation,
anniversary, wedding, marriage proposal, business milestone or
other celebration. It’s expected that the upcoming holiday
season will result in many more stories being shared by cryptex
givers and recipients.

Initial interest in the cryptex is often due to the popularity
of “The Da Vinci Code” (best selling novel and upcoming movie
in which a cryptex plays a major role) — but people quickly
realize that what makes the Encrypta cryptex such a wonderful
present are its unique design and characteristics.

So what’s the magic behind the Encrypta cryptex? Is it the
product’s solid wood and brass design? Is it the opportunity to
select a personalized secret code that’ll unlock the cryptex —
such as a romantic message (LOVEYOU, MARRYME), word puzzle,
date-of-birth, event (25YEARS, 50_BDAY), anniversary date, or
person’s name? Is it the fun of creating riddles and clues to
help the recipient figure out the secret code? Is it the hidden
cavity that’s only accessible once the secret code is correctly
aligned? Is it the opportunity to place a gift inside — such as
a written note, money, jewelry or even an additional clue for
the next step in a treasure hunt?

The stories from Encrypta Gifts’ customers suggest it can be one,
several or all these aspects of the cryptex that make it such a
special gift.

The Encrypta cryptex is available for purchase on the company’s
website (www.encryptagifts.com) and at select gift stores. The
current price of the original version — personalized with a
selected secret code — is $79.95. Special versions, customized
to a buyer’s unique specifications, are available at higher prices.


For further background information on the challenges of quality
gift giving, please go to http://www.worldsperfectgift.com.