Encrypta Gifts: Device conceived by Leonardo DaVinci becomes a reality due to efforts of Wisconsin business

Allen Oelschlaeger
[email protected]

MEQUON, Wis., April 13, 2005 – Encrypta Gifts announced today that it is scaling up production of its Encrypta cryptex. This recently-introduced gift item is initially being marketed to Wisconsin residents via direct mail. It is also available for purchase on the company’s website at www.encryptagifts.com.

The cryptex, believed to have been conceived by Leonardo DaVinci in the 1500s as an instrument for delivering secret messages, has been popularized by The DaVinci Code – the best selling fiction book of all time with over 29 million copies in print.

Carlos de la Huerga, one of the founders of Encrypta Gifts, said “I originally designed the cryptex for my daughter’s 9th birthday. But then, through word of mouth, I had so many requests to build more that I decided to form a company to make it commercially available.”

How it works:

Inside the Encrypta cryptex is a hidden chamber-key with a cavity that can hold a variety of small gifts, such as cash, jewelry or a coupon. The recipient of the cryptex can only access the chamber-key if they align seven rotating tumblers in a sequence matching a secret code selected by the gift giver and custom-keyed into the cryptex by Encrypta Gifts.

The gift giver can add to the thoughtfulness of the cryptex by selecting a secret code with special meaning to the recipient, such as a riddle answer, word puzzle, anniversary date, or person’s name. Once the tumblers are aligned correctly, the cap can be pulled out exposing the hidden chamber-key inside.

The Encrypta cryptex is handcrafted using select hardwoods and solid brass and stands about 7 = inches tall. Its current price is $79.95. Only a small quantity of this original handcrafted version are being produced before more automated production begins.

de la Huerga said, “This is the only gift item I know that has all the attributes of a great present – being thoughtful, surprising and enjoyable. We’re excited to be expanding our production.”


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