DOR: Taxpayers Can File Now and Pay Later with Electronic Filing

Jessica Iverson, Communications Officer, 608-261-2271

MADISON— The tax season deadline is just over three weeks away and those who usually file their taxes at the last minute may already be dreading the long lines at the post office. That can all be avoided with the use of electronic filing.

Even taxpayers who owe tax can electronically file their tax returns. And this year, for the first time, someone who owes tax can e-file now and pay their owed tax through a direct debit of a banking account anytime on or before April 15th. This new feature eliminates the worry about the check arriving on time and encourages people to file early rather than waiting until the deadline. Plus, there are no service charges or fees to use the service.

The new direct debit payment option is available to taxpayers who e-file through the IRS Free-File Alliance or Wisconsin Free-File. To be eligible to use the “file now, pay later” option, taxpayers must have a bank account and funds available in that account on the specified date of withdrawal. All private taxpayer information is assured protection.

E-filing is a quick, accurate and convenient way to file federal and state tax returns. Nearly 1 million Wisconsin taxpayers have taken advantage of e-filing so far this year. It also saves money–each
e-filed return saves the State of Wisconsin 75 cents in processing costs.

Practically anyone can electronically prepare and submit their tax return for free. Visit and click on Free-File to prepare your federal return. Then visit and click on the Free-File logo to file your state tax return. If your state return is significantly complicated, other software options are available through the Department of Revenue’s website.

If you would like a copy of the Free-File logo, please e-mail Jessica Iverson at [email protected]