DOR: Electronic Filing Gains Popularity


February 24, 2005

Contact:  Jessica Iverson, Communications Officer, 608-261-2271



MADISON— With just under eight weeks remaining until the April 15 filing deadline, more than 600,000 people have electronically filed their tax returns.  That’s two thirds of the 900,000 returns that have been submitted so far this year. 


“More and more people are choosing this easy and convenient way to file their tax returns,” said Secretary of Revenue Michael L. Morgan.  “This increase in electronic filing is great news for the taxpayers of Wisconsin because each e-filed return saves the state 75 cents in processing costs.” 


While saving the state money, e-filing also saves taxpayers time.  Those who e-file can receive their state refund back in as soon as five business days with direct deposit.  To date, the average refund going back to taxpayers is $623.


This year to date

Last year to date

Total Received









Average Refund



(Estimated through February 19)

Anyone can electronically prepare and submit their tax return for free.  Visit and click on Free-File to prepare your federal return.  Then visit and click on the Free-File logo to file your state tax return.  If your state return is rather complicated, other software options are available through the Department of Revenue’s website.


E-filers who plan to reuse their purchased tax preparation software should double-check the mailing and banking fields.  These fields tend to be automated and will fill in last year’s information.  If an error is submitted it will cause a delay in issuing a refund.




For more information on Free-File:

·        State tax return at and click on the Free-File logo

·        Federal tax return at and click on Free File


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The Department of Revenue encourages you to include the following links on your website.  These links will direct the public to Wisconsin Free-File, IRS Free File Alliance and a fast and easy way to check the status of tax refunds.


  • Wisconsin Free-File 


  • Federal (IRS) Free File Alliance,,id=118986,00.html


  • Where is my Refund?

Wisconsin inquiry:

Federal (IRS) inquiry:


If you would like a copy of the Free-File logo for your website, please e-mail Jessica Iverson at [email protected].