Dept. of Commerce: Governor Doyle Qualifies Ten Technology Companies for Investor Tax Credits

Tony Hozeny, Department of Commerce, 608/267-9661

MADISON – Governor Jim Doyle today announced that the Department of Commerce
(Commerce) has qualified ten small businesses for investor tax credits under
the new Angel Investor and Venture Fund Tax Credit Programs.

“I championed legislation to spur more venture capital investment, as it is
essential to the state’s economic growth,” Governor Doyle said. “By
encouraging investors through tax credits to make these crucial investments
– we are helping to turn these great ideas into viable, job-creating

The Angel Investor and Venture Fund Tax Credit Programs offer Wisconsin
income tax credits to angel investors and investors in seed-stage venture
capital funds. These programs are designed to increase the supply of both
qualified angel investors and investors in qualified venture capital funds.
The tax credits are available only for investments made in technology
businesses qualified by Commerce. As Commerce qualifies businesses for
investment, it will list them on the Commerce website at

The qualified new business ventures are as follows:

* ConjuGon, Inc. – A Madison company incorporated to develop key
technologies for the prevention of pathogenic bacterial infections. For
more information, visit

* Cytophil, Inc. – A Whitefish Bay company founded to develop soft
tissue augmentation by establishing proprietary products focused on three
major quality of life markets: cosmetic appearance, the treatment of snoring
and cosmetic implant dentistry.

* D3, Inc. – An Iron River corporation established to develop new
generations of electrical devices to safely and securely destroy CD and DVD
ROM media. For more information, visit

* Esker Technologies, LLC – A Milwaukee company established to develop
digital communications technology that could eliminate more than 80 percent
of the wires currently used in vehicles. For more information, visit

* GH Global Health Direct, LLC – A Delafield company established to
connect buyers and sellers of healthcare services through a web-based
application that enables real time scheduling of “care on demand” and
transparent and market sensitive pricing of health care services.

* GWC Technologies, Inc. – A Madison company that is developing
instruments, supplies and reagents for the life science and materials
science research. For more information, visit

* IoGenetics, LLC – A Madison company originated to produce protein
products for control of foodborne pathogens and alternatives to veterinary
antibiotics, particularly those used in foodstuffs. For more information,

* Nerites Corporation – This Madison-area company was founded in 2004
to produce novel medical adhesives and medical device coatings. For more
information, visit

* Praesto, Inc. – A Stoughton company founded to develop a multiplexer
device to transfer physiological data from the home to the electronic
records of health care providers.

* QRG Bioscience, Inc. – A Madison company that develops treatments
for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
For more information, visit

For further information on the Angel Investor and Venture Fund Tax Credit
Programs, contact John Stricker, Department of Commerce, at 608-261-7710.