Dept. of Commerce: Commerce Tests Show Octaine Compliance

Tony Hozeny, Department of Commerce, 608/267-9661

MADISON-During the week of May 9, 2005, the Department of Commerce
(Commerce) sampled 50 southeastern Wisconsin and Fox Valley retail gasoline
stations and found a 100-percent compliance rate for octane levels and
labeling standards.

“Commerce inspectors worked hard to sample gasoline at stations in a broad
geographic area,” Secretary Burke said. “I’m pleased to report a
100-compliance rate from our samples. Wisconsin consumers can feel confident
that the posted octane levels at gasoline are accurate.”

Commerce petroleum inspectors took samples at pumps labeled for all levels
of octane. After screening, the samples were sent to Caleb Brett
Laboratory, Chicago, which evaluates octane levels by means of a test
engine. All 50 samples fell within the American Society of Testing and
Materials standards of 0.6 plus or minus. In cooperation with Caleb Brett
Laboratory, Commerce is keeping the samples to augment its existing sample
library. The sample library aids in calibrating the IROX fuel analyzers and
other petroleum testing units that Commerce uses to screen petroleum