Dane Co. Exec. Falk: County Executive Falk announces $25,000 to help Dane County military families

Contacts: Lesley Sillaman, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 669-5606

Madison – Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today announced the immediate availability of $25,000 to help the families of Dane County residents who are currently serving, or have served, in the Middle East. The funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for families in need of temporary emergency financial assistance as a result of their military service.

“This money is a way to help local military families stay afloat financially,” said County Executive Falk. “I am hopeful we can help make these families’ day-to-day lives a little easier during a very stressful time.”

“I would like to thank Dane County’s elected officials, Veterans and the public for generously helping our returning Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. These Troops may have some unmet financial needs upon returning to Dane County and this is a small token of gratitude for their brave service overseas. With the continuous military deployments, I hope we can continue this effort in the future to remind them that we care about them and their families,” said Dr. John Hofer, Chair of Dane County Veterans Service Commission:

Examples of the funding that can be requested are help with household financial emergencies such as rental/mortgage assistance, appliance repairs, vehicle maintenance or insurance, utility payments, food, medical or dental expenses, telephone cards or postage for packages to be mailed to the Middle East or to military hospitals.

The funding comes from the General Fund and is a result of a compromise County Board supervisors reached resulting in $25,000 each for phone cards for inmates at the Dane County jail and for the families of service men and women serving in the Middle East. A subcommittee of County Board Supervisors, citizens, Veterans and members of the Dane County Veterans Service Commission crafted the specifics of the plan. Falk acknowledged the efforts of Dane County Supervisors Don Eggert, Andy Olsen, Brett Hulsey, Scott McDonnell and David Wiganowsky for their work to craft the resolution.

Applications for funds can be requested from the Dane County Office of Veterans Affairs at (608) 266-4158. Applicants must either be a Dane County resident on active duty in the Middle East (defined as Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Kuwait) or the applicant’s family must be living in Dane County or applicant must have an immediate family (spouse, significant other, children) member serving in the Middle East or convalescing in the United States after being wounded in the Middle East, or separated from the military after being stationed in the Middle East within the last 180 days.