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The Frantz Group takes control with Brevient Connect

MILWAUKEE – After fifteen months of hosted Web conferencing service from Brevient Technologies, The Frantz Group took over the reins.

Vice President of The Frantz Group, Kurt Rebholz, said, “When we first started using Web conferencing, we wanted a hosted version until we got a feel for how we’d deploy it,” he added, “but we also knew we needed the flexibility to bring conferencing in-house someday, to fit our vision of controlling our technology implementation long-term.”

In June, Brevient installed an appliance server at The Frantz Group headquarters in Grafton, Wisconsin. “Our appliance server for Brevient Connect has been a great addition to our network,” stated Greg Huegerich, Senior Project Manager for The Frantz Group’s Technology Division. “Having a localized collaboration solution has been an asset to meetings, training sessions, help desk, and sales presentations, cutting down on bandwidth consumption and simplifying management,” Huegerich added.

“Our approach has always been to make it easy for our clients to adapt our products to their needs,” said Matt Lautz, Brevient’s CEO. “Their move to in-house deployment of Brevient Connect Web conferencing coincides with some new features we’ve released, so The Frantz Group and other clients can get even more value out of our products. It’s indicative of the flexibility our clients have come to expect from us.”

Adding to the already rich feature set, Brevient Connect 8.3 users can now record Web conferences directly to their desktops in a ‘video’ format, recording in color or black and white. The Whiteboard now has a full color pallet with ten control tools. Additionally, users now have the benefit of an advanced ‘meeting center’ including a group chat function that can be saved and filed for later reference.

“The Frantz Group is a great client and partner,” said COO, Steve Heston, “and they’re typical of our client base. They’re serious about their business and leverage our technology to deliver even better results for their clients. They know what they have to accomplish and it’s our job to help them get things done more efficiently and effectively.”

Brevient Connect 8.3 will be released for purchase later this month. For more information about onsite server appliance hosting, call Brevient at 1.866.486.4524.

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