Bone Care International: Announces Advancement of LR-103 Into Human Patients With Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease


— New Vitamin D Hormone Replacement Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease —

Washington, DC, May 5, 2005 – Following the successful filing of the Investigational New Drug (IND) Application in March, 2005, Bone Care International announces plans to move the novel Vitamin D hormone, LR-103, into human subjects with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

The recently accepted IND focuses on the use of LR-103 to treat secondary
hyperparathyroidism in patients with CKD. Data available from pre-clinical research indicate that LR-103 has the same potency as calcitriol, but much lower toxicity. “Early safety data from an ongoing Phase I clinical study with LR-103 in cancer patients support the expanded testing of LR-103 in patients with chronic kidney disease,” said Charles W. Bishop Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Bone Care International. The initial study with LR-103 in CKD will be a Phase I/II dose-ranging efficacy and safety study in patients with Stage 5 CKD or end-stage renal disease. Additionally, a separate study is being planned to study LR-103 in earlier stages of CKD.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, more than 20 million Americans have CKD and an additional 20 million are at risk.

About Bone Care International
Bone Care International ( is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative therapeutic products to treat the unmet medical needs of patients with debilitating conditions and life-threatening diseases. Our current commercial and therapeutic focus is in nephrology, utilizing Hectorol®, a novel vitamin D hormone therapy, to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients with moderate to severe chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease. In addition to chronic kidney disease, the company is developing vitamin D hormone therapies to treat hyperproliferative disorders such as cancer and psoriasis.


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