AT&T: IMAX Corporation Selects AT&T For Web Hosting Services

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Solution provides moviegoers from around the world with reliable access to to learn about The IMAX Experience® and for film information
and ticket purchasing options


THORNHILL, ONTARIO – AT&T (NYSE: T) has won a hosting contract with IMAX Corporation (NASDAQ: IMAX; TSX: IMX), one of the world’s leading entertainment technology companies. AT&T will provide secure hosting for, which allows customers around the world to access information on The IMAX Experience , films showing in IMAX® theatres and purchase tickets from the Web sites of affiliated IMAX theatres.

With 26 AT&T Internet Data Centers – half of which are located outside of the United States – AT&T will help keep safe from intruders and running continuously with advanced Intrusion Detection, firewall and back-up services.

The site supports more than half a million monthly visitors during the launch of highly anticipated Hollywood blockbusters in IMAX theatres. For local film schedules and ticket sales, redirects visitors to the Web sites of 250 IMAX theatres in more than 35 countries. is also a key resource for communicating operational and marketing information to IMAX theatre operators via password protected pages.

“IMAX provides movie fans with a premium theatre experience and we aim to partner with providers that share the same customer service goals,” said Romi Schutzer, Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications at IMAX Corporation. “With advanced security and business continuity protection, AT&T has the technology and expertise to keep our Web site functional 24 hours a day for moviegoers around the world. Knowing that AT&T technology and expert staff are continuously monitoring our system gives us a level of assurance other providers couldn’t offer.”

The agreement is part of a larger contract that sees AT&T provide telecommunications services to IMAX locations worldwide. The deal includes global Wide Area Network (WAN), AT&T Calling Cards, and Global dial Internet access, which allows staff in remote locations around the world to stay in touch with corporate offices.

“AT&T is excited about supporting one of the world’s most recognizable brands in film and technology entertainment,” said Mike Jenner, Vice President of Hosting Services at AT&T. “AT&T’s hosting services are designed to protect critical corporate Web sites from security threats and ensure the highest level of reliability through our global network and business continuity services.”

IMAX consolidated its worldwide telecommunications services with AT&T for improved network reliability and a simplified billing process. AT&T has also helped IMAX streamline network management through the AT&T BusinessDirect® portal, an online suite of self-serve tools for customers to efficiently manage AT&T services, optimize network performance, and improve productivity.

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