Aidmatrix Foundation: Emerges as Leading Solution for Disaster Aid during Twin Sisters Katrina & Rita

Since Katrina, Dallas Nonprofit in High Demand
Dallas, TX – Sep 23, 2005 In the weeks since Katrina, a young international Dallas-based charity has struggled to keep pace with demand for its technology-based disaster solutions. “We were among the first on the ground in LA, MI, AL, and Houston. Our people were there to ensure that systems to empower America’s Second Harvest and its local affiliate Food Banks as well as Adventist Community Services could mobilize, warehouse, track, and distribute food and essentials needed to care for those affected by the storm. Our technology crisis response teams worked side by side with A2H staff and volunteers” said Governor Scott McCallum, Aidmatrix President & CEO. Then the word got out. Now FEMA, the United States Chamber of Commerce, and even the top disaster agencies are collaborating with Aidmatrix whose mission is to ensure the right aid gets to the right people where and when it is most needed.

Since Katrina, Aidmatrix has mobilized more than $1,060,000 through its virtual aid drives, its solutions have orchestrated more than 30 million pounds of food aid, for distribution by Food Banks in 34 Gulf Coast Communities affected by Katrina and Rita. More than 16 new corporate donors are utilizing its Exchange to transform unneeded supplies from what would have been land-fill to life-affirming supplies. Aidmatrix Warehouse Management tool has orchestrated over 1.7 million pounds of humanitarian aid goods in addition to 1702 bags, 6,310 boxes 88,310 cases, 26,442 items, 1600 pallets and more relief product in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.

Utterly driven by their mission, — to use technology to improve disaster response and humanitarian aid, Aidmatrix forged ahead even with very limited budget and staff resources, working nearly around the clock. The Aidmatrix product array includes a volunteer clearinghouse, product donations exchanges & a clearinghouse, and corporate employee and customer virtual aid drives. “We are dedicated to alleviating suffering” McCallum went on to say.

The organization is a bit akin to the New York Stock Exchange. Aidmatrix Exchanges help mobilize more resources – cash and product donations through virtual tools. Together with organizations working on the ground, and corporate partners, it links aid with need. In the wake of sharp criticism of the government’s response, Aidmatrix offers hope that things can improve. Aidmatrix systems tender simplicity to the donor – individual or corporation, product or cash. They offer transparency and tracking to donor and beneficiary organization from point A to point Z. Because Aidmatrix mobilizes the right aid – it prevents the clogging of supply lines with unneeded items and helps create a flow of what is needed there and then. It is the framework on which the left hand and right hand can visualize each other. In times of disaster, people need to know where to find what they are looking for. They have no time to look around or begin to set up supply chains. Aidmatrix offers real solutions.

Aidmatrix works with leading charitable partners, and corporate donors including Accenture, i2 Technologies, Kraft, ConAgra, FedEx/Kinkos, and others. It mobilizes more than a billion dollars in aid annually working with 35,000 organizations globally. Winner of the prestigious 2005 Computerworld Honors Award for Excellence, Aidmatrix has been called, “a model for the future rather than the icon of the past.” Following the December 2004 South Asian tsunami, Business Week said, “The program may be virtual, but the results are real.”

Governor McCallum can be reached at 469-357-3743.

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About The Aidmatrix Foundation, Inc.
Aidmatrix Foundation is an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization sponsored by some of the world’s leading technology corporations that leverage world-class solutions from the business world and apply them to the NGO world. Aidmatrix goal is to get the right aid to the right people at the right time. Aidmatrix has unparalleled expertise in donations management technology — these systems have been/are being used by major corporations including FedEx/Kinko’s, Kraft, Whirlpool, Tyson, Nestle, Quaker, ConAgra, Sun Sweet, Olive Garden, Coca-Cola, etc. Aidmatrix functions as a bridge, a linking pin between the for-profit and nonprofit worlds – with systems that open lines of communication between donors, nonprofits, their partners, volunteers, and people in need. Through partners and technology, Aidmatrix will exceed goals of touching 50 million lives by the close of 2005 – currently over 47 Million. Aidmatrix offers multi- lingual solutions, serving the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe through strong relationships and networks with leading nonprofits and world-class corporations.