Aidmatrix: Announces New CEO, Former Gov. Scott McCallum of Wisconsin and Expands Services to Meet Increasing Global Humanitarian Aid Demand

For Immediate Release

Dallas, Texas Mar 15, 2005 Former Governor Scott McCallum of Wisconsin will become the President and CEO of Aidmatrix, a global nonprofit based in Dallas, TX. Founder and current CEO Lekha Singh will continue her role as Chairman of the Board.

“I look forward to leading Aidmatrix,” said Gov. McCallum. “Aidmatrix enables more efficient delivery of humanitarian aid throughout the world.”

Aidmatrix provides internet-based software to increase efficiency and reduce waste in the delivery of humanitarian aid – offering solutions to both donors and nonprofits for hunger relief, medical and health relief, general humanitarian aid, fundraising and disaster relief. Aidmatrix solutions help deliver more than $600 million in aid annually, reaching over 37 million people in need. As demand for aid continues to rise, Aidmatrix is expanding its work in education, hunger relief, disaster relief and medical and health services worldwide. Governor McCallum will join Aidmatrix as they provide technology based solutions to meet growing demands. With more than 1000 organizations around the world using its solutions, Aidmatrix helps the nonprofit world to deliver the right aid to the right people at the right time.

Currently, Aidmatrix partnership with America’s Second Harvest facilitates over 80% of domestic charitable food donations for hunger relief. In disaster relief, Aidmatrix solutions helped distribute over 7million pounds of needed supplies to communities hit by the 2004 hurricanes. Their virtual fundraising solutions collected over $400K in donations for tsunami relief victims through corporate fundraising campaigns and public collection sites. Internationally, Aidmatrix has enabled the delivery of materials to Uganda, and medical supplies to India. Projects are taking place in Canada, France and Argentina. Aidmatrix also works with the United Nations World Food Programme. Aidmatrix will be working with the National Association of Free Clinics to receive and distribute donated medical supplies for uninsured families in communities across the United States .

“Working with Aidmatrix is extremely rewarding – the potential impact in all areas of domestic and international humanitarian aid relief is important as donors and nonprofits reach out to help more people in need,” said Chairman of the Board, Lekha Singh. “We are pleased to have Gov. McCallum as our new CEO to take Aidmatrix forward in achieving its goals.”

Gov. McCallum brings over twenty five years of public service experience in international economics, trade, fundraising, and marketing as well as a previous record of creating greater efficiency in large organizations, having managed a major governmental organization with a $22 billion annual budget. As Lt. Governor, and later as Governor, he created a first time blueprint for economic development, and initiated reforms for income tax reductions, and measurable education standards. He also acted as Commander in Chief of the Wisconsin National Guard, directing emergency operations following the events of September 11th, earning the 2002 National Guard Award for outstanding work.

McCallum will retain his home in Wisconsin, and remains as Senior Fellow for the Discovery Institute, Seattle, Washington.

About Aidmatrix

Aidmatrix is a nonprofit that provides solutions to improve efficiency and reduce waste in the delivery of humanitarian aid. Aidmatrix offers solutions to both donors and other nonprofits for hunger relief, disaster relief, general humanitarian aid, donor services, medical and health relief and fundraising. Partner organizations include the world’s leading suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of donated aid items, major non-profit organizations, technology providers, and other industry leaders and organizations. Based in Dallas, Aidmatrix is supported by donations of cash and in-kind services.


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