Wisconsin Technology Council: Call for Nominations for Wisconsin Technology Council/ Wisconsin Innovation Network First Annual Seize-the-Day Award

Scott Kroeger
262-240-0760 Ext. 111
[email protected]

In celebration of those entrepreneurial leaders that are so
crucial to the development of Wisconsin’s economy, the
Wisconsin Technology Council/Wisconsin Innovation Network
will honor such leaders through the first annual Seize-the-Day
Award, given to a Wisconsin person or team who has grown
their business by rapidly seizing opportunities and marshaling
forces in the midst of market challenges, uncertainty and risk.

The Seize-the-Day Award is not given for technical innovation
but for innovative leadership – the ability to take hold of
business opportunities and transform them into successes.

Candidates for the award will have demonstrated:

* Vision: Recognizing opportunities where others do not.

* Courage: Vigorous, dedicated pursuit of opportunities in
the face of risk and skepticism.

* Adaptability: Rapid and repeated reinvention in response
to changing markets.

* Persistence: Maintaining optimism and effort in the wake
of setbacks.
* Resourcefulness: Overcoming obstacles and finding ways to
fund growth.

The Award will be presented at the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs
Conference, June 1st/2nd, 2004. The recipient of the Award
will be asked to present a short tutorial for aspiring
entrepreneurs. The tutorial will be published in the
Entrepreneurs Conference Handbook and archived on the
WTC/WIN website.

The recipient of the award will be selected from the nominees
by a WTC/WIN appointed panel. Nominations may be submitted
to Telaric Ideas, the conference coordinators of the Award, via
the Internet at: http://telaricideas.com/win. The deadline for
nominations is April 30.

About the award:

Recognizing the important role the arts play in nurturing a
vibrant entrepreneurial culture, each year’s award will be a
unique art piece, commissioned and sponsored by United States
Patent Services (USPS), a Wisconsin firm specializing in the
recognition of innovation . This year’s award is a creation of
Midwest trained artist Ted Gall. Sculpting in steel and cast
bronze, Gall creates some of the most compelling figurative
works found in public and private collections today.