WisBusiness: UW campus offers cash for recruiting help

By Brian E. Clark

Know an entrepreneur who wants to come in from the cold?

Want to play headhunter and pick up $250 in spare change?

If so, some folks at UW-Whitewater may want to talk to you about finding the ideal candidate for the newly created position of business outreach development director.

Debra Malewicki, director of business outreach services at the school, said the job is part of the business school and has been posted for about a month.

The position will focus primarily on management education through training programs and special projects, using resources from the university as well as from other public and private service providers.

Pay starts at $48,000 and includes university benefits.

The e-mail flier announcing the $250 bounty says candidates should be of the entrepreneurial bent and want to develop new projects to serve the business community.

They also should have a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field and have some small business experience. But Malewicki said she is not ruling out anyone out.

As for the $250 reward, Malewicki said this is the first time her department has used the technique.

“We thought we’d experiment with it and we’ve already gotten some response,” she said.

“The deadline for applying isn’t until Sept. 15, though, so we’re hoping more people apply and that we get more referrals.”

Malewicki acknowledged that paying people for referring job prospects is nothing new.

“It’s a technique that has been used for years,” she said. “Especially in highly competitive fields. My daughter works in Chicago and her company pays employees who get people to interview and then again when they complete training programs.”

In the UW-Whitewater case, however, the bounty goes only to the person who sends the candidate who is hired.

For more information on the job, look up http://www.uww.edu/adminaff/hr/employmt/asnt.htm#busoutreach.