WisBusiness: One Madison company to win brand makeover

Madison Magazine and Madison Business are teaming up with Distillery Design Studio to produce Brand New, an innovative look inside the business of advertising and marketing.

"We’ll choose one local company willing to hand its image over to Distillery, who will give it a complete overhaul," said Robert Chappell, associate editor of Madison Magazine.

"Does your business need that makeover?" he asked. "Does your logo look like it was drawn by a 4-year old? Was your logo drawn by a 4-year-old? Do people call your website ‘interesting?’ Do people call you to order Greek food, even though you sell brakes and struts? If so, you have an image problem."

Chappell said the makeover might include logo, letterhead, a website, brochures, even brand positioning – whatever’s appropriate for the lucky client.

"If you’re willing to admit you need the help, Distillery is willing to donate the time to give you that help – about $20,000 worth of time," he said.

If you’d like to be considered for Brand New, don’t wait around. Nominations are due October 31. (Self-nominations are encouraged, since nominating someone else might be considered less than tactful.)

Chappell said entrants should send hard copies of their current (ugly) image materials along with a paragraph or two about their business, the shameful state of their image and why they desperately need a makeover to:

Brand New
c/o Distillery Design Studio
849 E. Washington Ave #212
Madison WI 53703

Madison Business (also known as the 32 pages at the back of Madison Magazine) will announce the winner in January and splash the final product all over an issue next spring.

"Can you feel the excitement building?" asked Chappell. For more information, call him at (608) 270-3625.