WisBusiness: CEO says state ready for nanotechnology boom

By Abigail Jane Peterson
For WisBusiness.com

nPoint CEO John Biondi told members of the MIT Alumni Club Sunday that Wisconsin has the potential to become a center for the rapidly expanding nanotechnology market. At a briefing at nPoint’s near East Side Madison facility, Biondi said the manufacturing and distribution infrastructure already existing in the state makes the area an ideal place for nanotechnology companies to set up business.

“This is certainly a center, if not a hotbed, of nanotechnology,” Biondi said, adding that it was a question of “when, not if” the new science would become a fundamental part of the Midwest’s economy.

Nanotechnology is the ability to manipulate materials at the sub-molecular level, meaning scientists are capable of measuring and manipulating materials atom by atom.

The MIT club recently honored nPoint with its 2004 technology achievement award for small companies. The club, which consists wholly of MIT alumni, has been working to make stronger ties with the Madison community. Currently, over 500 MIT graduates live in Wisconsin.