WisBusiness: Capital Returns credits Barrett’s help in decision to expand in Milwaukee

By Brian Resop

For WisBusiness.com

Capital Returns, a logistical service company for the pharmaceutical industry, will be expanding its operations in Milwaukee due, in large part, to Mayor Tom Barrett’s strengthened emphasis on commercial retention.

Rob Ryan, president of Capital Returns, said that because the company has several national interests, there was nothing forcing him to stay in Milwaukee. Barrett’s commitment to help his company was one of the major reasons Ryan decided to stay.

“This mayor has demonstrated as interest in building the commercial foundation of this city,” Ryan said. “It is amazing what a city can do when it has that kind of commitment.”

Capital Returns will be moving into a new 150,000 square foot facility. The area offers room for expansion, Ryan said. The location of the move cannot be discussed due to a letter of intent with the building’s landlord. It will be in the heart of his workforce, Ryan said, which consists primarily of inner city residents. Ryan called Capital Returns employees “great” and said they were another factor in the decision to stay.

The company, which has already expanded to a 370-person workforce since its foundation in Milwaukee in 1991, will be adding 150 jobs. Though the positions are mostly hourly, Capital Returns offers full benefits and a living wage to each of its workers.

Ryan said that the company’s numbers are up 50 percent from last year. With Barrett’s help and commitment, Ryan said there is no reason Milwaukee shouldn’t be able to draw business. Capital Returns is one of the first large-businesses to be a part of Barrett’s retention and attraction program. Barrett acknowledged Ryan during his budget presentation, last week.

“You always want to stay in a town that appreciates what you do for it,” Ryan said.