WisBusiness: Building Commission moves could boost state biotech

By WisBusiness Staff

When the State Building Commission meets Wednesday, it will consider a couple requests from state universities that are designed to enhance the state’s biotech research.

The Medical College of Wisconsin is asking for $25 million in state money to go towards the construction of a $132 million biomedical research and technology incubator facility in Milwaukee. According to the commission agenda, the facility will focus on genetics, bioinformatics, cancer, imaging technologies, the neurosciences and biodefense.

The comission agenda also includes a UW-Madison request to begin construction of the $133.9 million Healthstar Interdisciplinary Research Center on campus. The IRC is the final phase of the 1997 Healthstar initiative and will replace outdated research facilities and will unify the University of Wisconsin Medical School program on the UW-Madison west campus.

The center will focus on to enhancing the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening diseases, with an emphasis on health issues of an aging population. It will also include research space for an incubator for health science research.