WisBusiness: Army to end Badger Ammo maintenance contract

The U.S. Army is terminating its contract with the Olin Corp. Winchester Division, the contractor currently hired to maintain the Badger Army Ammunition Plant. The layoff of about 46 employees will occur on Sept. 30, according to plant manager J.P. Fisher.

The Army has been negotiating to acquire the services of another contractor who may retain these employees. The plant is located on 7,354 acres of land in Sauk County, immediately south of Devil’s Lake State Park.

Badger was constructed near Baraboo in 1942. The plant has operated intermittently over a 33-year period to make propellants for cannon, rocket, and small arms ammunition for the U.S. military.
Plant operation was terminated in March 1975 and all production facilities and many support functions were placed on standby status, which continued until 1998. Badger is currently inactive.