WisBusiness: Alice in Dairyland Stopped for Speeding in State Car

Wisconsin’s Alice in Dairyland was nabbed Monday morning by the Green Bay Police Department for driving 50 miles per hour in a 30 mile-per-hour zone on Ashland Avenue in Green Bay.

Alice in Dairyland is “a public relations professional working for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. She travels throughout the state, nation and world to promote Wisconsin products to audiences of all ages, educating the media, youth and civic groups about the many facets of the state’s agricultural industry,” according to the DATCP Web site.

Natalie Parmentier was issued a $166 citation for speeding, said DATCP spokeswoman Robin Engel. It was the first traffic ticket Parmentier had ever received, she said. Parmentier was driving a state car on her way from a local television station on her way to meet with school children at Lincoln Elementary School when she was pulled over. She will pay for the ticket, not the state.

“She is extremely sorry,” said Engel. “It was not a good day for Alice.

“The amount of traveling Alice does in a year equals driving around the world three times, which is a huge number of miles they do driving around the state,” Engel said.

Parmentier is under contract with the state during her tenure as Alice in Dairyland and is provided a state car to use for official business. She has put 25,000 miles on her state car since she started in mid-June.