WHITTMANHART: Announces the Promotion of David Skinner to President of WHITTMANHART Interactive

WHITTMANHART Interactive’s Expansion Continues With Its Award-Winning Work in Digital Communications

CHICAGO, March 24 /PRNewswire/ — WHITTMANHART Inc., a leading provider of enterprise consulting solutions for the mid-market and divisions of Fortune 1000 organizations, today announced the promotion of David Skinner to President, WHITTMANHART Interactive. WHITTMANHART Interactive is a division of WHITTMANHART, Inc.

“I am pleased to announce David’s promotion to President, WHITTMANHART Interactive,” said Bob Bernard, CEO President of WHITTMANHART, Inc. “Asking David to lead this division is an important milestone for us. Since David joined WHITTMANHART he has continuously demonstrated a passion for our business, a drive to deliver creative solutions on behalf of our clients, and an ability to motivate and inspire his team. For many years, WHITTMANHART has been a thought leader and pioneer in defining solutions for companies to digitally communicate with their customers. With this promotion, I believe David can drive WHITTMANHART Interactive to be nationally recognized interactive agency leader.”

“For years at WHITTMANHART I have been part of a great team of creative, talented professionals,” said David Skinner, “and I’m honored to be given the opportunity to lead the team moving forward. I believe WHITTMANHART has a tremendous opportunity in the interactive space. We have a solid reputation and a roster of recognized category-leading clients, many of which have been working with us for years. As President, I look forward to capitalizing on our unique position in the digital communications field and providing a new level of focused business marketing solutions.”


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